FloorCare Specialists was founded in January of 2003, with the primary objective of becoming Greater Atlanta’s best known, highest quality floor care service provider. “If we are not that company today, we are well on our way,” Said Duncan Scott (VP of Sales) in a recent interview.

“We founded FloorCare Specialists with the objective of being Atlanta’s best floor care company! Not the biggest, THE BEST! When we started in business it was just Ed and me in the front office. Graham was there to make sure we didn’t do anything stupid, like run out of operating capital. I was out knocking on doors all day, while Ed was out cleaning floors all night. We rarely saw one another. Graham would come to the office once or twice a month, with the check book tucked under his arm. He never let us spend a penny more than we had to.”

“Today we are enjoying great success. We are now in our third and largest office / warehouse (we very quickly outgrew the two prior offices) and our business continues to grow at a very healthy rate. That’s something most businesses can’t say in this current economy. We are very fortunate. We have an awesome group of customers who we are able to service via a great team of highly qualified technicians. ”

“Our new warehouse allows us to work more efficiently,” Ed Crawford (VP of Operations). “At the last place, would could only load and unload one truck at a time. That’s Okay if you only own one truck. (Like when we started out) But it’s a problem with multiple trucks and technicians all trying to get out the door at once. Today we have a growing fleet of trucks. Here, we can load up to five vehicles at the same time and we have plenty of room for more growth!”

“The additional room was greatly needed,” said Graham Scott (Chairman & CEO). “Albeit I was reluctant to spend the extra money until Ed & Duncan quite convincingly persuaded me. During our first three years in business, we grew at an exceptionally fast pace. Today that growth rate continues at a healthy clip.”

FloorCare Specialists’ growing list of customers reads like the who’s who of the Fortune Five Hundred. The company provides services to many US and worldwide headquarters of Atlanta based corporations, heath care facilities, school systems (public & private), national retail chains, hospitality and entertainment venues, commercial and industrial properties, general contractors and commercial flooring installers.

“Our motto is “If you walk on it, we can clean it, maintain it and restore it,'” comments Ed Crawford when discussing the company’s floor care capabilities.

“Don’t forget furniture and upholstery cleaning,” chimes in Duncan. “We clean and maintain all different types of furniture: including panel and wall fabrics, systems furniture, chairs, sofas and other specialty fabrics. We clean and polish leather furniture, and we can clean and polish stone counter and table tops too.”

The company’s comprehensive service offering is no accident. Collectively Graham, Ed & Duncan have over eighty years experience in the commercial flooring industry.

Graham, the senior Scott, is retired from daily activities. He enjoyed a full career with Interface Flooring Systems, Inc. Here he oversaw the technical side of product research and development and later, many of the company’s environmental initiatives. Upon his retirement from Interface, Graham’s career was recognized by the Company’s dedication of its LaGrange, GA R&D facility in his name.

As chairman and CEO for FloorCare Specialists, Graham has helped set the strategic direction for the company, while providing a career’s worth of practical hands on business experience. In addition to his services at FloorCare Specialists, Graham serves on the board of directors for a Georgia based, multi-national manufacturing concern.

Ed Crawford, as Vice President of Operations, oversees the physical side of the business, “Getting things done,” as he likes to refer to it. Prior to working in the flooring industry, Ed worked for many years in the disaster relief business. In that industry Ed quickly learned all manner of techniques to clean any building and surface under very challenging circumstances.

In 1995, Ed moved into the floor care business full-time. He ran operations for an Atlanta based carpet dealership that was acquired by Shaw Industries. In 1997 he was recruited by DuPont. Over his seven year history with DuPont, Ed was promoted several times, starting as Regional Operations manager to National Vice President of Operations over a business unit of 100 locations nationwide.

Today Ed manages all of FloorCare Specialists’ operations. He oversees scheduling, personnel, vehicles, equipment and material needs and planning. He manages multiple crews over a busy seven day a week service calendar. Mr. Crawford is responsible for all of the company’s services, quality control and safety and training programs. His diverse background has prepared him well for managing a fast paced, fast growing company.

Duncan likes to joke that he is a product of the flooring industry. As a child he used to go to the factory with his Dad on weekends. He worked high school and college summers for Interface. Then after three years in carpet sales, moved into maintenance sales.

From Interface he moved to the same Atlanta dealership as Ed, where the two met. He too was recruited away from Shaw by DuPont, and his business success at DuPont paralleled Ed’s. The pair worked well together at Shaw, but formed a very tight business bond at DuPont. Duncan was originally hired as a regional sales manager. At the time of his departure from DuPont he was National Vice President of Sales and Marketing.

The establishment of FloorCare Specialists was no mistake. Duncan and Ed collectively oversaw the sales and operations of 100 locations nationwide. Out of the 100 locations they oversaw, they played a key role in opening and establishing close to forty start-up maintenance businesses.

Duncan reflects, “We’d opened close to forty of the one-hundred locations for DuPont. We had more frequent flier miles and hotel points than anyone should be allowed. After some long discussions, Ed and I decided it was time to focus on ourselves. We rationalized that if we’d helped establish all these locations for DuPont, surely we could open just one more for ourselves.”

The two began planning. Later Graham offered to help. Each of the three pooled their money and resources and each owns a significant share of the business. The trio divided responsibilities based upon each others’ strengths. Graham took financial responsibility and strategic guidance; Duncan took on sales and marketing; while Ed focused on the delivery and execution of high quality services. The formula has served them well.

Today the company is growing at a healthy pace with an enviable thirty percent increase in business over last year. All indications show that this trend will continue well into next year and beyond. The current office and warehouse has plenty of room for future expansion.

Graham has turned over some of the financial responsibilities to Duncan while he focuses more on the business strategy and direction. He wants to insure that the direction of FloorCare Specialists’ includes green cleaning as a key component of the company’s service offering. Duncan is driving the thirty percent sales growth and taking an active role in the financial management of the company. Ed insures that all of the work is performed to his high standards for quality, safety and service.

At the current rate, all indications are that the company truly should become metropolitan Atlanta’s best known choice for high quality, commercial floor care services.

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